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Vivid-Pix Provides Simple Solution for Amazing Underwater Photos

Participants at last week’s Cathy Church’s Underwater Photo Fest on Grand Cayman were treated to an unexpected surprise – an opportunity to experience the new VIVID-PIX underwater digital photo tool. Designed for beginning to intermediate underwater digital photographers, VIVID-PIX delivers a simple and effective digital solution to capture amazing underwater photos.

Photographers came from all over the country to participate in the event, hosted by award-winning Cayman-based Cathy Church. The comments not only were highly positive, but also reflected the goal of the product – to provide a simple and effective enhancement tool for underwater photographers who don’t want to spend a lot of time working with software to correct their images. “For the amateur underwater photographer, Vivid-Pix is a wonderful idea! I highly recommend this easy-to-use software for a simple, great tool to correct your pictures!” – Cathy Church.

According to Rick Voight of Vivid-Pix, “The response was overwhelmingly positive. The participants in Cathy’s program appreciated how simple and easy it was to take a ‘bad’ or ‘good’ photo and convert it into a ‘great’ one.”

Vivid-Pix engineers used the latest in digital enhancement technology, added some of their own, and created a product that is designed exclusively for underwater images – taking out distracting colors, shadows and improving the natural lighting.

“We found that many beginning and intermediate underwater photographers are sometimes intimidated or simply don’t want to use post-production software, even though virtually every photo taken underwater needs some form of enhancement,” Voight points out. “The Vivid-Pix PICTURE-FIX feature automatically improves virtually ANY underwater photo.”

Among the comments made by Photo Fest participants were:

● Vivid-Pix allowed me to make the colors in my photos very close to what I actually saw underwater

● It was simple and easy to use. With Vivid-Pix, it’s almost impossible to make a mistake

● Simpler to use than other programs that I haven’t mastered

We took some shark pictures that were all blue – couldn’t see the shark – Vivid-Pix brought it in so that I could see the sharks

Vivid-Pix is available now through a growing list of local retailer and dive destination outlets. In addition, Vivid-Pix is providing underwater photographers with an opportunity to try the software, which can quickly and simply be downloaded online, for FREE at