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Submerge Camera Superstore Opens for Scuba Divers

Attention underwater photographers: A new U/W imaging superstore has just opened. Scuba divers, snorkelers and aquatic adventurers wanting to capture the experience will definitely want to learn more about Submerge Camera.

Submerge Camera offers a unique buying experience for the underwater photographer and videographer. Locally, Submerge Camera is an Underwater Photo and Video Boutique open by appointment only, offering customers a unique un-interrupted one on one session with a Submerge Camera staff member.  Submerge Camera is quickly becoming a must stop by destination for divers looking to make an underwater photo and video purchase in the Midwest.

Online, Submerge Camera tries to bring that experience to you as well, more often than not when a purchase is made online you will receive a phone call or a personally written email asking if you have any more questions about the equipment or need any other assistance and to also verify all shipping information.

The ownership of Submerge Camera has over 15 years experience in the underwater photo and video industry.   “There are many places to find great underwater photo and video equipment, one of the things that help set us apart is the fact that we have been involved in the industry for so long and can help educate our customers on what works and what they can expect from their equipment purchases”, states TJ Mansfield co-owner of Submerge Camera and one of the original designers of Equinox Underwater Video Housings and SEAPIX 5.0 universal digital camera housing.

“What happens too often now is when someone calls a retailer to ask important equipment questions they end up talking to someone that has never even been underwater with any equipment, we help provide some insight on what they can expect from the equipment, recommendations on how to travel with your equipment and any other things we may have come across over that last 15 years that may help our customer.  We don’t have the answers to every question but you can bet we know our fair share and if we don’t we will find out the right answers for you.  In these tough economic times it is important to have competitive pricing but we feel it is just as important to be able to give quality support before and after the purchase for our customers.”

These are just a few of the great equipment lines Submerge Camera carries:

  • Ikelite
  • Sealife
  • Gates
  • Ultra Light Arms
  • Amphibico
  • Nocturnal Dive Lights
  • Epoque
  • Bonica
  • Fantasea

For more information about the great products and pricing from Submerge Camera, go to their website


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