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Sea&Sea Releases FOUR new MDX Series housings

(DiverWire) SEA&SEA has just released four new MDX series housings for the compact and SLR markets for delivery through summer 2012.

Each housing is part of SEA&SEA’s latest MDX series which is precision machined from solid block aluminum and designed for ultimate performance and ergonomics.

Available and shipping now, the MDX-GRD IV (#SS-06161), made exclusively for the Ricoh Digital GRD IV camera and the MDX-X10 (#SS-06160), made exclusively for the Fujifilm X-10 camera are compact in size and ergonomically designed for control and easy operation underwater.

The MDX-GRD IV is rated to a depth of 55m/180ft and has an MSRP of $1,550.00.  It is compatible with SEA&SEA’s YS-01, YS-02, YS-110α, YS-D1 and YS-250Pro strobes.  The MDX-X10, depth rated to 100m/330ft has an MSRP of $1,650.00 and is available in a package (#SS-06160P) that includes the MDX-X10 housing, YS-D1 strobe, Sea Arm 7 compact armset and fiber-optic cable, MSRP of $2,705.00.

Along with the new compact housings, SEA&SEA will launch two new dSLR housings scheduled for release in June.  The MDX-D800 (#SS-06162) for the highly popular Nikon D800 and the MDX-5DMKIII (#SS-06163) for the Canon EOS 5DMKIII.

Each housing will be depth rated to 100m/330ft, be equipped with a sync cord bulkhead, two fiber-optic cable ports, and will accept SEA&SEA’s NX series ports and digital SLR accessories and strobes.  MSRP for each housing is $3,399.00 and final specifications are being determined at this time.

Initial stock will be limited, so stocking dealers are urged to contact your Regional Sales Representative or SEA&SEA customer service at 800-482-2282 to submit your order.