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SeaLife Cameras unveils the Mini II

SeaLife Mini II underwater camera in stores now

(DiverWire) The highly anticipated Mini II Dive & Sport Digital Camera from SeaLife is now in select dive retail outlets. The Mini II is the successor to the still popular ReefMaster Mini digital camera which was available from March 2007 until it was discontinued in February of 2009. The product is ideal for recreational scuba divers and watersports enthusiasts.

SeaLife Cameras unveils the Mini II“Without a question the Mini has been the most missed product in SeaLife’s history” says SeaLife’s Director of Sales and Marketing, Joe Ifi.  “There have been very few times that I have been speaking with a retailer that the topic of the next generation Mini, doesn’t come up” jokes Ifi, “well I guess now I will have to come up with other things to talk about”  This shouldn’t be hard for the innovative and world leading u/w camera manufacturer.

The SeaLife Mini II – Dive & Sport digital camera is carrying on the Rugged and Shockproof tradition of the original Mini but has upped the ante in a couple of categories.  Now the 9 megapixel self contained camera, is waterproof to 130 ft and shockproof to 6ft.  Just as rugged as its predecessor, the Mini II can withstand being run over by a 4500lb car and still be operational and waterproof.

Along with its ruggedness, the Mini II has taken on some features from its big brother, the DC1200.  The Easy set-up menu that has set the dive world on its toes, has now been introduced to the easy to use, 3 button Mini II.  Along with the Easy set-up is a simplified menu system that makes navigating through the camera functions easier than ever.

And for those that wish to take even more spectacular pictures and videos, the Mini II is easy to expand with either the SeaLife Digital Pro Flash (SL961) or the Photo Video Light (SL980).  Other recommended accessories are the Mini Wide Angle Lens (SL973) and the Float Strap (SL920)

The Mini II has a suggested retail price of $259

To place an order for the Mini II contact your nearest SeaLife Dealer.

Visit to view the entire SeaLife product line and to determine the location of your nearest SeaLife dealer.

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