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SeaLife Introduces New Sea Dragon Mini 600 Underwater Dive, Video, and Photo Light

(DiverWire) SeaLife Underwater Cameras has announced the new ultra-compact, powerful and versatile Sea Dragon™ Mini 600 LED Photo/Video/Dive Light. Besides the tiny size, high power, and long battery duration, the light includes a Y-S adapter and three mounts for quick and easy attachment to a cold shoe, GoPro® camera or the SeaLife AquaPod® extendable monopod.

Sea Dragon Mini 600With a growing trend toward underwater video, SeaLife has not only improved its cameras for video, but also developed new powerful video, photo, and dive lights. What appears as a colorless underwater rock “explodes” in brilliant colors when hit by the new powerful Sea Dragon lights.  

Recent advances in LED light technology have made it possible for SeaLife to develop more powerful and more compact underwater lights, which are substantially more powerful and less expensive than previous light generations.

The new Sea Dragon Mini 600 features 600 lumens of brightness and can be hand held, mounted on top of a camera’s cold-shoe, mounted to a GoPro® camera, or mounted to the SeaLife AquaPod, a 53” (132 cm) extendable monopod that can get a camera and light close to a shy or aggressive sea creature or reach into wrecks and crevices. The Sea Dragon Mini 600 light has a burn time of 60 minutes with the included CR123 batteries or 100 minutes with an optional rechargeable Tenergy® 18650 Li-ion battery. The variety of adapters for cameras and other devices, as well as the comfortable hand held grip, will be enjoyed by all users of the Sea Dragon Mini 600. A lanyard with clip is also included.

Due to its versatility on land and underwater, and as a dive, video or photo light, the new ultra-compact light appeals not only to the experienced scuba diver, but also to the novice, who in the past has often been intimidated by bulky, complex systems. Whether the light is mounted on top of the camera or on its side, to the SeaLife AquaPod or hand held, handling and control is made easier than ever before, making it a perfect addition to night or wreck dives, cave exploration or other dark underwater activities.

Due to its ruggedness, compact size, and high power with long burn time while remaining cool, the Sea Dragon Mini 600 is also a practical all-purpose light for professional applications on land or on boats.

The light is waterproof rated to 300 feet/100 meters and features a wide beam angle of 75 degrees without hotspots.

The Sea Dragon Mini 600 is available now at dive and photo dealers at a list price of $129.95 (Item SL981).