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SeaLife introduces new PRO package for DC1400 Underwater Camera

(DiverWire) SeaLife has created a new package for scuba divers who want to record every moment of their time exploring the world beneath the seas. It’s called the DC1400 Pro Duo, and it blends a feature-packed, easy-to-use premium 14-megapixel underwater camera with a powerful 500-lumen three-in-one LED Photo/Video Light and a Digital Pro Flash. This dynamic combination is sure to provide an amazing portfolio of underwater shots and videos with each and every dive.

new underwater digital cameraBased on the state-of-the-art DC1400 digital camera, the DC1400 Pro Duo incorporates the advanced LED light technology of the Photo/Video Light for close-ups with the explosive power of the Digital Pro Flash for the beautifully sharp and amazingly colorful long shots. The DC1400 provides everything a diver will need to explore and record the amazing world beneath the water’s surface in 14MP images and 720p high-definition video.

“Photos and videos of your oh-so limited time beneath the seas are the lasting memories that prove to the world where you have gone and what you have experienced,” said Brian Correia, SeaLife’s director of sales and marketing. “Whether you’re partaking of your first adventure into the big blue world under the water’s surface or you’re an old salt who’s growing webs between their toes, the DC1400 Pro Duo will help you create a vast gallery of memories of your undersea explorations that will last a lifetime.” contributing writer Lisa Mongy reviewed the DC1400 earlier this year. Read the review: DC1400 by SeaLife

The DC1400 digital camera features five simple-to-operate “Piano Keys” that select the camera’s operational modes for superior photos above and below the surface. The DC1400 camera is truly an easy-to-use dive camera with six underwater color modes that allow you to take beautiful photos down to 200 ft., yet it can shed it’s rugged, rubber-armored and waterproof shell to become a familiar pocket-sized point-and-shoot to capture all the moments leading up to the dive—or any other topside photos you choose to take.

With a simple one-button control for easy operation, the Photo/Video Light provides the depth and detail for close-up photos and videos that strobe-only pictures tend to lack due to the intensity of the flash. With its three-position array of 6,500K-color-balanced 3-watt Cree XP-G R5 LEDs, the constant light makes close-up colors come alive with its 70-degree wide-angle beam that evenly illuminates the subject without hot spots or overpowering. It has eight customized light modes including a power overdrive that increases light output to 600 lumens. The light head can be quickly detached from its arm for precise aiming, and a coiled safety lanyard is included to prevent loss of the light head. The Photo/Video Light is depth tested to 300 ft. The effective range for recording video is up to 3 ft., and the range for photography is up to 2 ft.

For longer-range still shots, the Digital Pro Flash kicks in to create the ideal underwater lighting set-up. The flash easily brightens up the colorful background at the longer shooting distances with the new Auto Mode that automatically adjusts flash brightness for optimal image exposure. A variable power adjustment also allows the user to set his/her own exposure. The color temperature of the flash provides compensation for water, which tends to absorb the red and yellow light spectrum, resulting in astonishing colors of both coral and sealife. The Digital Pro Flash is depth rated to 200 ft., and the effective underwater shooting distance is up to 8 ft.

The DC1400 Pro Duo package comes complete with a deluxe soft case, and its MSRP is $1,129.95. To find a SeaLife authorized dealer near you, visit

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