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SeaLife Cameras to sponsor Kids Sea Camp events in 2012

(DiverWire) Each year, millions of kids leave their game consoles, TVs, computers and other comforts of home in search of new and exciting outdoor adventures at summer camp. In fact, last year alone, an estimated 8.1 million children went to a camp of some sort. So why is it that just the kids get to go off and make new friends, participate in exciting activities and learn new things? Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures create fun-filled family experiences that bond the family and build lasting memories. SeaLife Cameras is one again happy to be one of the sponsors of these fun-filled weeks.

photo by Annie Crawley

The Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures is a full week’s schedule of events and educational programs for families with kids 4 to 17 years of age. Each week includes seven nights’ accommodations, diving, meals, excursions, activities for both adults and children including, diving, snorkeling and many PADI Specialty courses such as digital photography certification, clinics and hands-on learning with SeaLife cameras.

The uniqueness of the Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventures is that it doesn’t just cater to the kids. Parents get to have fun, too, while spending time with the family. The Camp promotes conservation and provides adult seminars and talks on marine-related issues. There are myriad activities for everyone to participate in.

“In today’s hectic world, families don’t have the time to take as many vacations as they would like,” said Brian Correia, SeaLife’s director of sales and marketing, “Finding a vacation that would allow the parents to fulfill their vacation expectations, as well as enrich their children’s lives all at the same time is a dream come true for many.

“The Kids Sea Camp Family Dive Adventure provides parents the chance to make many dives, while kids of all ages obtain the opportunity to appreciate the ocean world, develop companionship and pick up skills that enhance self-reliance, cooperation and interdependence. These skills will remain with them for the rest of their lives. And this entire experience is shared as a family.”

The kids at the camp come from all over the world and are split into groups based on their age and experience. Some kids have started at the camp snorkeling for the first time and have come back year after year to become certified divers, fearless of the ocean and its creatures.

The first 12 kids signed up for a 2012 camp with a confirmed reservation will receive a SeaLife DC1400 camera, as will all kids in the Galapagos camps and those who take the PADI Digital Photo Class. Additional DC1400 cameras will be given away to the winners of photography and poetry contests. The DC1400 is a new, feature-packed dive camera that enables kids to focus on the underwater adventure and capture their camp memories for a lifetime.

For families that love the magic of the undersea world, this is the ideal family get-away. It is the perfect gift for entire family. Camps are scheduled for 2012-2013 with early booking discounts of 10 percent.

2012 Schedule

June 16-30—Palau

June 30-July 7—Costa Rica

July 7-14, July 14-21—Galapagos, Buddy Dive Liveaboard Cruise

July 7-14, July 14-21—Grand Cayman, Dive Tech & Cobalt Coast Resort

July 21-28—Bonaire, Buddy Beach & Dive Resort

July 28-Aug. 4—Utila

2013 Schedule

July 13-20, July 20-27—Galapagos, 7- or 14-night Liveaboard Cruise

July 13-20, July 20-27—Grand Cayman, Dive Tech & Cobalt Coast Dive Resort

July 20-27—Bonaire, Buddy Beach & Dive Resort

For detailed information, visit, and for reservations, email

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