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REVIEW: Sea&Sea’s New DX-2G Underwater Camera System photography writer Andrew Sallmon always has great insight into the latest underwater photographic equipment. Today, he’s taking a look at the new DX-2G camera set-up recently introduced by Sea&Sea.

The Sea and Sea DX-2G camera is an advanced compact camera and housing set created for serious beginners all the way to advanced amateur underwater photographic enthusiasts. This camera, with it’s high resolution, 12.1 megapixel sensor, has the ability to record in Raw mode for users that want to do post-capture edits in Adobe Photoshop or other software editing programs.

The camera also shoots in several Jpeg modes for those that want simplicity and smaller file size. One of my favorite features is the ADJ dial on the camera’s back. This dial easily accesses the most used camera settings like white balance, resolution and ISO and is even user customizable. Featuring a brilliant and contrasty 3x zoom lens from 5-15 mm (or 35mm equivalent 24-72mm), the DX-2G offers a perfect focal range for the underwater shooter.

Diving with the DX-2G
Diving with the DX-2G is easy. The camera is relatively small and lightweight. By itself, it is buoyant so Sea and Sea created the Balance Weight 150 to offset the positive buoyancy. The camera without a strobe or supplemental lens works best zoomed to about 50mm with it’s own flash in Auto flash mode at ISO 200 for fish pictures. It has good, even flash coverage with the onboard flash from 2-3 feet. Zoomed out at 24mm, it really needs the YS-110A strobe for adequate flash coverage.

Zoomed all the way in, the onboard flash coverage is good and works well for macro subjects like nudibranchs and pygmy sea horses. Sea and Sea also makes a special “macro flash diffuser” that attaches to the front of the housing, evening out the onboard flash and eliminating the shadow caused when close up in macro mode. Just about the only time the DX-2G’s onboard flash won’t work is with the Wide Angle Conversion Lens in place because it physically blocks the flash.

The Sea and Sea DX-2G is a joy to dive with and shoot. Its lens is sharp and offers the most used underwater focal lengths. Its 12.1 mega pixel sensor allows for Raw or Jpeg shooting, and its ADJ dial allows the user easy access to all the most used camera adjustments on the fly without digging through menus and sub menus. It’s fun, easy to learn and use, and offers several advanced features and accessories that any serious amateur underwater photographer will find useful.

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For details on the DX-2G from Sea&Sea, visit their website at Sea&Sea’s DX-2G

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