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Phoenix-based Academy of Scuba announces new UW Photo Club

(DiverWire) The Academy of Scuba, one of the fastest growing scuba diving facilities in Arizona, announces the formation of the Friday Night Photo Club for Underwater Photographers or folks who are interested in taking pictures while Scuba diving and/or snorkeling.   Starting in May 2013, Academy of Scuba will host a monthly meeting of its newest dive club and will continue on the fourth Friday of each month.  The first meeting will be on May 24th, at 6pm.  The intent of the club is to host meetings at both the Academy of Scuba Metro Center Location and Paradise Valley Location.  Meetings are expected to be about 1 hour long.

While several of the Academy of Scuba staff is integral to the formation of the club, its chairperson is PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and Photo Pro, C.G. Durda.  Durda has long been reputed as an expert in the area of Photography both above water and underwater in the Phoenix area.

“Whether you are a diver or a snorkeler, this is a place for you to ask questions, get answers and congregate with a lot of like-minded photographers,” commented Durda. “This club will be packed with great information and a lot of fun.  We look forward to exciting diving events, classes, seminars, photo-trips, and providing opportunities for learning how to take and (hopefully) publish great photos.”

Participation in the club has no cost and the Academy of Scuba Photo Diver Club is open to all divers and snorkelers either living in Phoenix, Arizona or just visiting.  To learn more about the Academy of Scuba Photo Diver Club, go to