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Join Indonesian Expedition and see your work published in new Interactive Marine Guide

Have you ever thought of having your photos published? Your diving experiences chronicled? Here’s an opportunity to join a field expedition to Indonesia’s Banda Sea where you’ll be able to contribute to a new digital marine guide on marine life.

This May, ReefNet and New World Publications (Humann/DeLoach) are collaborating on the production of digital field guides for marine life in various regions of the world. Having already well documented the flora and fauna of the Caribbean, ReefNet has now shifted its focus to the Indo-Pacific.

To gather new content, ReefNet has announced the second in a series of documentation expeditions open to the public (all previous expeditions have been limited to ReefNet staff). Not only will participants get to enjoy the beauty of Indonesia’s remote Banda Sea, they will also have the opportunity to contribute photos/videos to upcoming field guides.

If you want a surefire way to get your images published, here’s your chance! Every participant on this expedition will have their material included in the new guides, to be published later this year.

Indonesia Banda Sea Expedition DETAILS

This 16-day expedition aboard the Pindito covers an astonishing 1100 nautical miles across the Banda Sea from Sorong (Raja Ampat) to Maumere (near Komodo). Few liveaboards dare to offer itineraries of this duration or distance, and none with as much experience as Pindito.

We call this trip a biodiversity cruise for good reason: it reaches almost a dozen distinct regions that could each be the focus of an entire expedition! There is muck diving at Banda Neira, mandarinfish at Maumere, and teeming sea snakes at Gunung Api. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg! This expedition transits the absolute epicenter of marine biodiversity in Raja Ampat.

To put in perspective how rare an opportunity this trip is, consider that Pindito offers only two per year, and they are completely booked for at least the next 2 years. You simply cannot find this experience anywhere else!


Due to the unique nature of this rare journey, it does not have a regularly-scheduled itinerary. Instead, the crew of Pindito, in association with ReefNet, will be customizing a route that lets us explore the most spectacular sites of the Banda Sea as we travel from Sorong to Maumere.


Although the precise itinerary is not yet defined, the following areas are included:
Sorong, Mansur, Misool, Pulau Koon, Manuk, Gunung Api, Seroea, Terbang Islands, Ramong, Wetar, Alor, Kawula, Pantar, Maumere

To learn more about this expedition contact ReefNet at:
Tel: 1-888-819-7333 (US/Canada) or 905-608-9373 (International)
E-mail: Web:

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