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Underwater Digital Photo System for under $400

Epoque’s New 8MP Digital Underwater Camera System Now Available For Under $400!!!!

Epoque EHD-800Ai digital underwater cameraIn the past, it was very expensive to get into underwater photography. Today, with the growth of digital technology and advanced imaging designs, it’s never been easier for the beginning underwater photographer. This week, Epoque USA announced a new 8 megapixel digital underwater camera and housing that has a suggested retail of less than $400. 

Here’s some excerpts of the release: 

Epoque USA has begun distribution of its EHD-800Ai underwater digital camera and housing to photo dealers. The EHD-800Ai is an 8MP digital camera in its own dedicated housing capable of protecting the camera down to 150 feet underwater. The form fitted housing is compact, lightweight, and easy for any underwater photographer to handle. Its ergonomic controls offer easy access to all the camera functions so changing important settings underwater is possible. It is constructed from molded ABS plastics for maximum strength and durability for reliable protection and performance in rugged activities.

The EHD-800Ai features an autofocus 3X optical zoom lens with a 35mm equivalent range of 36mm-108mm. It also has a macro focus setting for shooting the smallest underwater subjects. The lens is equipped with a 55mm threaded lens attachment ring for mounting the Epoque DCL-20 wide angle conversion lens with a magnification factor of .56, or the DML-2 macro conversion lens with a 2X magnification factor. 

The EHD-800Ai has a built-in flash and programmed auto exposure. To expand the system for greater photographic challenges, external slave strobes can be attached with an accessory strobe tray and arm system and a fiber optic cord for flash synchronization. Epoque ES-150 DSα and the ES-230 DS Auto strobes can function as slaves for use with the EHD-800Ai. The strobes are compact, high performance strobes which can be used with any underwater camera system via their Nikonos type sync cord connector, a fiber optic cord, or as a wireless slave.

In addition too being perfect for scuba divers who enjoy underwater photography, the EHD-800Ai is also the perfect outdoor camera for capturing great digital images in activities like surfing, ocean kayaking, and white water paddling. Like every Epoque photo system, the EHD-800Ai can be used as a stand alone photo tool, or it can become the center of an expanding system of accessories for increased creative control. Epoque is the most diverse and affordable high quality product line in underwater and outdoor photography.

Epoque underwater products, with worldwide corporate headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Japan, offers a full line of underwater photo and video products. Epoque products have been a favorite of novice and advanced underwater photographers for over 20 years, and are distributed in 35 countries. Epoque USA, a division of Proteus Adaptive Devices LLC with over 30 years experience in underwater photography, is the exclusive authorized distributor of Epoque products in the USA. 

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