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Calling all photographers – Here’s your chance to get published!

(DiverWire) With so many aspiring photographers approaching Scuba Sport staff members about contributing to the newly-launched publication, Scuba Sport Magazine has announced a unique opportunity for aspiring photographers aboard the Caribbean Explorer II the week of May 12-19, 2012.

During the trip, participants will have the opportunity to interact with Scuba Sport Magazine staff members to showcase what they can capture with their cameras in a natural, inviting environment.

“We have met with a lot of nice people and saw many awesome pictures. The problem is that writer/photographers have the editor at a disadvantage. The simple fact is that the photographer has had a lifetime to take the dozen or so pics they show off. But what can they produce in a short period of time? Can they also write?”, said Scuba Sport editor Joe Froelich.

“In addition to established names, we are always looking for the next rising star”, Froelich said. “We wanted to come up with a fair and fun way to discover new talent. We feel that this is fair: same reefs, same conditions “, he continued.

The week-long trip will be filled with up to five dives per day, as well as evening workshops where photographers learn from a pro with over 500 published images, as well as each other.

This is a rare opportunity to not only spend a week on a liveaboard with the editor of a scuba magazine, but also a chance to showcase your abilities. “Those that can perform at a high level and prove that they can come home with the goods will be offered at least one assignment for the magazine. They do well, and it could turn into a regular gig. I’ll use all 12 people if they perform at a high level”, Froelich said.

What if you participate and only have one or two awesome pics to show for it? “The best part is, even though I will be taking pictures, I do not plan on using any of my own to illustrate the article, I plan on using participants photos. This is a chance for all on board to have photos published”,  Froelich said.

Unlike other “contests”, the magazine does not plan on taking over ownership of all the photos submitted on the trip, or to publish them for free. “I will be leaving the boat with only 20-30 images to immediately turn into our design team. Whichever photos we use, those photographers will be paid at our standard rates. The ones that aren’t will immediately be transferred back to the photographers”.

Depending on how this trip goes, the magazine is planning three or four of these events annually to give undiscovered photographers a chance to fulfill their dreams. “This may turn into the only way we bring new people into fold. It’s fair, and  gives everyone an equal chance.” Froelich concluded.

For more information about getting involved with this trip, go to SCUBA SPORTS MAGAZINE PHOTO EVENT or call Explorer Ventures directly at 800-322-3577