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Bonica releases new Seashell II housing

(DiverWire) Following the strong success of its Seashell I housing released last fall, Bonica has just released the next generation housing, the Seashell II. A customizable underwater housing suitable for almost any compact camera with a pop-out external zoom lens, this housing is ideal for cameras with an external zoom like the Sony T model.

The Seashell series of housings fits most compact camera designs.  These are easy to set-up, and quite adjustable with spacers and shims included.  A typical user can fit a camera within a few minutes to half an hour.  These virtually universal housings meet all the requirements for recreational divers with a depth rating of 130 feet.  Many divers love the Seashell for its compact dimensions, low cost, and impeccable build.

Courtney Casper, Owner of Underwater Dive Center (Elyria, OH), explained a common experience, “We equipped six of our customers with Seashells on our last trip.  They loved their pictures so much they all posted them on their Facebook pages within a day of returning.  Those hundred or more images out there in the diving community get us the kind advertising money just can’t buy.”

Bonica Sales Manager, Gary Cross adds, “With the Seashell, we can welcome almost everyone with a need.  While our Seashell I served many underwater photographers with their compact point-and-shoot cameras, we had a whole other group of consumers demanding something for their ultra compact fixed external lens cameras. The Seashell II meets this demand.”

Both the Seashell I & II are available across Canada and the United States in quality dive stores for a suggested retail of $169.

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