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Larry Gates Releases New Book on UW Photography for Beginners

Well-known underwater photographer Larry Gates has just released a new book, “The Beginner’s Guide to Underwater Photography.” (ISBN 978-1-58428-274-7).

Writing for the “regular guy” photographer, Gates shows readers how to make the smart technical and creative decisions that lead to great images—without breaking the bank. Gates covers all the critical aspects of underwater photography in this comprehensive manual. He begins with equipment, showing you how to select gear that suits the kinds of images you want to create.

Next, he shows you how to use this equipment effectively in the underwater environment to produce crisply focused, colorful, and properly exposed images of any scene or subject you might encounter. Finally, Gates presents practical strategies for maximizing your results when photographing specific subjects—from telephoto images of the smallest creatures to wide-angle images of sunken ships or the entire reef.

Simplifying the seemingly complex task of underwater photography, Gates makes it easy to get started quickly and improve your results on every dive.

Some highlights of the book, which is available for order now, are:

  • Adding light to reveal the colorful aspects of the underwater world
  • Tips for photographing a variety of underwater subjects, from fish (and other creatures), to wrecks, other divers, and the reef itself
  • Step-by-step techniques for every phase of the photography dive
  • Maintaining your equipment to minimize the potential for problems during a dive
  • Techniques for getting closer to fish and other aquatic creatures
  • Common post-production techniques.

The book has a suggested retail price of $34.95 and can be ordered directly from the publisher or CLICK HERE TO ORDER


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