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AERIS ION regulator named Tester’s Choice by Scuba Diving magazine

(DiverWire) Scuba Diving magazine has just named the AERIS Ion regulator as one of its “tester’s choice” models – and for good reason. The Ion is singled out as one of the lightest regulators on the market and is ideally sized for divers for travel.

According to the article, the Ion is designed for high performance. “For such a small reg, the ION LT delivers quite a punch. It turned in stellar breathing-machine performance across Scubalab’s standard test levels. In ocean tests, divers loved this reg. It breathed dry and easy in all positions, and the full-cover purge got the job done.

AERIS has just released the latest update to the Ion line, the AERIS Ion LT which adds several new features to the Ion product. The compact ION LT has been reduced even further in weight by removing the swivel and by adding our ultra-flexible braided MaxFlex hose. Paired with the ultra-compact AT600; a brand new over-balanced diaphragm first stage weighing in at just 1.5 lbs.

Scuba Diving magazine’s review made an excellent conclusion regarding the Ion LT stating, “With some of the best scores on the machine and in the water, plus the top of testers’ favorites lists, the Ion LT/AT600 earned the Testers’ Choice in the under $500 category.”

All the details about the Ion LT and other popular AERIS products can be found on the new AERIS website.