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December 4, 2012 DiverWire Staff

Scuba Santa performs UNDERWATER in Utila

(DiverWire) Utopia Dive Village has created a fun underwater video featuring Scuba Santa, Mrs. Claus and their merry elves nestled in a Utila reef system.  The video was filmed over the course of a few days with resort owners, dive staff and local friends participating. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRWK5OjPtLs&_hse=Editor@DiveNewswire.com&_hsmi=BE589948&_hsh=e7f382ab6d339223b22b3d26192bbebf&utm_campaign=EmailMarketing_Scuba+Santa+2012_20121123 The original song called…

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March 20, 2012 DiverWire Staff 0

SSI Names Master Diver Challenge Winner

(DiverWire) Each year SSI Dive Centers and SSI host the ‘Master Diver Challenge’. The Master Diver Challenge encourages ALL divers to complete their SSI Master Diver certification. In past years, one lucky SSI Master Diver has won a trip to Grand Cayman, Utila, Bahamas, and other great diving destinations. The…

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