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DiverWire writer Stacy Amberson enjoys the waters of Cozumel, Mexico
February 28, 2011 Stacy Amberson 0

Cozumel Dreams

(DiverWire) Thousands of articles have been written about Cozumel as a travel, cruise and (primarily) dive destination.  History, culture, dinning, sightseeing and diving have been covered in depth by writers more prolific and talented than me.  So why would I presume anyone would be interested in what I could add…

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September 3, 2010 Stacy Amberson 0

On Location in Kona with INTO THE DRINK Scuba TV Show

DiverWire.com contributing writer Stacy Amberson recently participated in a production shoot in Hawaii with the Into The Drink TV show. Here's her "on location" report: I just spent an amazing week diving on the Kona Aggressor, out of Kona, Hawaii.  If that’s not great enough, I was there at the…

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June 1, 2010 Stacy Amberson 0

How do YOU Afford your scuba diving fix?

As times continue to be tough for just about everyone, DiverWire.com writer Stacy Amberson talks about how she (and others) are finding creative ways to pay for their scuba diving vacations. How do you afford your dive travel?  What non-essentials are you willing to give up? How much economizing will…

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April 7, 2010 DiverWire Staff 0

Mind your diving manners – A refresher on Scuba Etiquette

Diverwire.com contributing writer Stacy Amberson is on fire. Based in Sacramento, California, she's passionate about diving (and writing) although she doesn't get in the water as often as she'd like. Here's her latest feature - today she talks about Diver's Etiquette. Webster’s dictionary defines Etiquette as, “personal conduct or behavior…

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March 22, 2010 Stacy Amberson 0

Sharing of the ink – A new SCUBA trend

DiverWire.com contributing writer Stacy Amberson is VERY passionate about SCUBA diving. She shows her love for the sport with each and every dive as she shows off an impressive scuba diver tattoo expertly displayed across her back. In this DiverWire.com exclusive, Stacy examines the growth of tattoos among the recreational…

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