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May 18, 2010 DiverWire Staff 0

Erin Magee sets new US women’s free diving record

(DiverWire.com) West Bay, Grand Cayman -  United States Apnea Association (USAA) is pleased to announce that Erin Magee of Fort Lauderdale, FL set a new United States Women’s Freediving National Record while holding her breath and swimming with her mono fin to a depth of 71 meters (233 feet).  Her…

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March 10, 2010 Staff Writer 0

Fitness and Freediving – Insights from Martin Stepanek

Okay, so lets look at the incredible depths the world’s top freediver’s can achieve on a single breath of air-without any other artificial help but their fins (some without) or let’s consider the seemingly never ending breath-holds these guys perform… it is nearly impossible to believe they are human. (more…)

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