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April 6, 2011 DiverWire Staff 0

Introducing ScubaLife – a new initiative for the scuba diving lifestyle

Earlier this week, officials from three prominent scuba-related companies announced ScubaLife™.  ScubaLife™ is a groundbreaking initiative from NASE Worldwide, Ocean Designs Corp and Scuba Travel Ventures that leverages the power of the Internet and social media to bring new opportunities to students, divers and dive professionals worldwide. “Scubalife will attract…

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March 24, 2009 Garrett Davis 0

2008 A Strong Year for Rogest Studios

Wondering what this popular Marine Artist is doing? Here's an update straight from Rogest.Divers are some of the last adventurers of the planet who travel into hostile and foreign environments for the shear joy of the experience. With the knowledge that we are adventurers who explore frontiers of our choosing…

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