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August 4, 2010 DiverWire Staff 0

Bimini Resort Hosts Lionfish SMASH

(DiverWire.com) - The venomous lionfish is native to the Indo-Pacific Region, and is therefore, an invasive species everywhere else. A popular claim regarding their introduction to the Atlantic Ocean is through the aquarium trade. Owners released them either by accident or on purpose when they could no longer care for…

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June 12, 2009 Garrett Davis 0

Wrecks, Wrecks, Parties and More Wrecks

Dive BVI announces WRECK WEEK package for dive travelers to the British Virgin Islands.Dive BVI’s Virgin Gorda Wreck Week 2009 features some of the best wrecks in the Caribbean like the world famous RMS Rhone which went down in 1867, the Japanese fishing freighter Chikuzen, and Wreck Alley where 4…

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