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September 17, 2012 Iara Mandyn

A “Mermaids Tale” from the Bahamas

(DiverWire) In the middle of a beautiful Bahamian August, Blackbeard Cruises' Morning Star live-aboard vessel pulled away from the shore of New Providence with twenty-two passengers and a small crew. Before long, nothing but water and the curve of the earth stretched in every direction. The passengers ranged widely in diving experience, from newly…

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May 31, 2012 DiverWire Staff

Stuart Cove’s UW Production Team Helps Shoot Campaign for GoPro Dive Housing and HD HERO2® camera

(DiverWire) The latest video sensation from GoPro features a pair of daredevils diving and swimming with sharks. The images are part of the latest campaign by GoPro, the fast-growing video and imaging company.  As of today, the video on YouTube has scored over 700,000 views and climbing daily. As with…

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