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YOU can help determine the future of the MV Spree live-aboard vessel

(DiverWire) Officials with the popular MV Spree live-aboard dive vessel are looking towards the future. To do this properly, they have asked for your help. According to co-owner Frank Wasson, “We are asking divers, those have have traveled with us before and those who might want to, to help us with a short survey we are putting out.”

Wasson said the survey will be used to help determine future destinations and departures for the MV Spree. To participate in the survey, click here: HELP DETERMINE THE FUTURE OF THE MV SPREE

“We’re looking a several options including both domestic and international areas,” Wasson explains. “That could include voyages to Cuba once it opens to us. Other possibilities include Jamaica, the Bahamas and other areas that honestly haven’t been explored before. We’re excited about the opportunities but want to know what our customers are interested in.”

The MV Spree, currently operating out of Key West, operates a variety of departures including a popular itinerary in the Dry Tortugas, South Florida and surrounding region. The vessel, captained by Wasson and his wife Melanie, has built a strong following among technical divers, research divers and divers not concerned with many of the extravagant luxuries found on some live-aboard lines.

Wasson said that participants in the survey will be eligible to win a free future trip on the Spree. For more details about the program, go to MV Spree Survey. For a complete list of MV Spree departures and diving adventure opportunities, go to the MV Spree website