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Wind Dancer live-aboard scuba diving vessel moves to Cocos Island

Wind Dancer live-aboard scuba vessel moves to Cocos Islands( – Peter Hughes Diving, in cooperation with M/Y Wind Dancer’s new owner, Las Adventuras Del Bailarin Del Vien, is pleased to announce that M/Y WindDancer will commence operation in Cocos Island beginning July 8, 2010.

In November,2009, M/Y Wind Dancer gained approval from the Cocos Island National Park to take divers to this very special World Heritage Site. Located 550 km off the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, Cocos Island National Park is the only island in the tropical eastern Pacificwith a tropical rainforest.

The underwater world of Cocos Island National Park has become famous due to the attraction it holds for divers who rate it as one of the best places in the world to view large pelagic species such as sharks, rays, tuna and dolphins. M/Y Wind Dancer’s itinerary will cover the Cocos National Park, offering close encounters with hundreds of hammerhead sharks that call Cocos home, plus white tip sharks, silver tip sharks,oceanic manta rays, whale sharks and occasional tiger sharks. Limited to a very few divers at a time, this coveted drift diving destination offers one of the most concentrated large animal marine environments in the world. The cast of characters here are brought in by the convergence of multiple ocean currents.

Cocos Island is a visual feast above the water as well. It is one of the worlds most beautiful and isolated places, a place made famous by pirates and treasures and that holds its fame today by its unforgettable marine life. While witnessing the amazing BIG animals in this completely untouched and virgin environment, visitors will also enjoy warm water temperatures and thrilling scenery such as 200 feet waterfalls and beautiful sunsets.

M/Y Wind Dancer is currently undergoing remodeling which will include the addition of two master staterooms, complete with en-suite facilities, picture windows and all the conveniences of home. M/Y Wind Dancer is approved to carry 20 passengers on 8 night trips in 2010 and 22 passengers on 10 night trips in 2011 to this most sought after destination. Prices start at $3595 per person for the 8 night trips and $4065 for the 10 night trips.

Since 1986 the Dancer Fleet has been delivering “Live-Aboard Excellence” to divers around the globe. Today the 9 yachts of the Dancer Fleet offer itineraries in 12 of the world’s best destinations including four UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Itineraries offered feature Belize, the Dominican Republic, Galapagos Islands, Palau, Papua NewGuinea, Maldives, Fiji, Komodo National Park, Alor Islands, North Sulawesi, Raja Ampatin Indonesia, and now Cocos Island.

For more details or to make a reservation, visit our website at or call one of our yacht specialists at 800-9DANCER or 305-669-9391.

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