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Wilderness Ventures Teaching Teens to Scuba Dive

Wilderness Ventures Teaching Teens to Scuba Dive

Wilderness Ventures Teaching Teens to Scuba Dive(Diverwire) Sharing hobbies with teens is no easy task, but Wilderness Ventures is setting out to teach scuba diving to teens. For 2014, Wilderness Adventures is hosting scuba dive expeditions for teens in Hawaii, Costa Rica, Belize, and more.

As part of the adventure, teens will be supervised by experienced, professional divers, and will take courses to earn their PADI certification. They’ll learn proper dive techniques and how to use and properly maintain scuba diving equipment. Each trip goes to a different exotic location, and offers unique activities. The Wilderness Ventures Australia scuba trip explores the largest coral reef in the world, the Great Barrier Reef. That same trip also covers a trip to Fiji, which includes kayaking, surfing, and sailing. The trip to Costa Rica & Belize also showcases scuba diving at the second largest coral reef, and includes a certification course, introductory Spanish lessons, spelunking, zip lining, and rafting. Trips to Kaui, Hawaii and Thailand each provide a variety of local experiences, both under the waves and above it.

Wilderness Ventures Teaching Scuba Diving to TeensBased out of Jackson, Wyoming, Wilderness Ventures is one of the largest and longest-running kids travel programs in the world. Founded in 1972, Wilderness Ventures has enrolled thousands of teens since its original hiking expedition.

“With every Wilderness Ventures trip, I was able to participate in new and challenging activities, all while making lifelong friends,” says Mason Harney, a student in the program who’s been on multiple trips. Over 21,000 teens have signed up for Wilderness Ventures trips, which include camping, hiking, scuba diving, bicycling, group activities, and nature education.

Victoria Isaacs, another Wilderness Ventures student, says, “Each trip with Wilderness Ventures has taught me not only how to be self-sufficient and independent, but also how to coexist with others and work as a team.”

Find more information and trip schedules on the Wilderness Ventures website.