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The secret is out: You CAN’T find “Wakatobi” Resort on a Map

It’s one of the most talked about dive resorts in the world – Wakatobi. Each year, adventure-seeking divers make the trek to Indonesia to dive at this incredible facility. Yet, some people get frustrated because they can’t find “Wakatobi” on a map.

There’s a reason for this – the Wakatobi waters (which is a privately funded and secured area) is actually named for the islands contained in the area. Take the first two letters of each island – WA (Wangi Wangi) KA (Kaledupa) TO (Tomia) and BI (Binonogko) – put them all together and you get Wakatobi.

Travel professionals have known for years about Wakatobi Resort. In the early days (before the private airstrip built in 2001), travelers arrived via boat with up to week-long durations.

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The resort today is strategically located in the second-largest protected marine area in Indonesia and is a focal point for biologists and environmentalists due to its pristine reefs and attention to marine conservation and protection
Wakatobi resorts savvy marketing team recently released their latest diver newsletter.

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