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Unique Adventure Vacation Idea: Helicopter SCUBA Diving in Curacao

There’s always been an element of adventure and excitement for SCUBA divers. Now, one enterprising dive operator on the Caribbean Island of Curacao wants to add yet ANOTHER element of excitement for divers by offering “helidives” or dives via helicopter.

Niels Jorissen, owner of Dive Charter Curacao, has been taking adventurous divers to their dive site via his helicopter since November of last year. “One of my local divers told me about a helicopter that kept coming close to the water and that got me thinking. I called the owner/pilot for that company and asked him if we could dive from his helicopter. He said ‘no problem’ and a week later we were all geared up and in the water.”

Jorissen, who also offers a variety of traditional dive packages from his facility just outside of downtown Willemstad, said the experience is unique and something divers talk about for a long time following the dive.

Want to see for yourself? Click this video link: Helicopter Divers in Curacao

The most popular site? The Superior Producer wreck, which is just a 5-10 minute flight from downtown. Jorissen explains that the “drop” is a one-way thing. The divers, usually are taken to the site in pairs, are dropped into the water at a height of around 10 feet. They descend immediately and enjoy their dive. When they surface, they join the dive boat that is there waiting to pick them up.

So far, there have been no accidents, but there have been many smiling faces and unique photos for diver’s walls back at home. Of course, this unique experience isn’t cheap, with a price tag of $250 per person. “We have many satisfied divers, but most only want to do this once.”

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