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Underwater Haunted House Invites Divers and Snorkelers to Get Spooked

(DiverWire) Neal Watson’s Bimini Scuba Center is offering a unique Halloween experience for thrillseekers looking for a fresh take on the haunted house – a snorkeling and dive tour of the shipwrecked “Sapona.” Taking place on October 30th, right at dusk, the trip promises spooks and scares in a brand new setting.

DiverWire Haunted Dive Tour
The Haunted Sapona

A famous landmark in the Bahamas, the Sapona was once a concrete Liberty Ship that ran aground during the Great Miami Hurricane of 1926. The Sapona lies well above the waterline – 40 feet in some places – and is a common site for boaters and divers. During Prohibition, famous bootlegger Bruce Bethel used the wreck as a secret storehouse for rum, and scrapped plans to turn it into an off-shore novelty night club. The wreck also appears in the Ian Fleming James Bond novel “Thunderball,” and has been used more than once by the US military as a practice target for Airforce and Navy bombing runs. It also served as the destination for the US Navy Flight 19, a group of five bombers that all disappeared in the Devil’s Triangle during World War II.

The haunted tour of the Sapona begins at the Bimini Scuba Center, and departs at dusk on the custom dive-boat “Dive God.” The scuba center promises tales of “mystery and murder,” no doubt accounting the sordid and spooky past of not only the ship, but tales of the entire Bermuda Triangle as well. From there, snorkelers and divers will be able to explore the ruins at night, where the Bimini Scuba Center promises divers will experience a “spectral swim” that will feature “devilish dens, lurid lairs, hidden treasures, and so much more, if you dare.”

DiverWire Haunted Dive Tour

Afterward, the ship will sail back to shore, where “Mackey’s Sand Bar” holds their annual Halloween Party. Dancing, drinking, karaoke, and costume contests with prizes are scheduled to follow.

Tickets for the haunted dive tour run $85 for divers, and only $39 for snorkelers. Tickets can be picked up by email from, or toll-free at (800) 737-1007. Learn more about the Bimini Scuba Center and the Haunted Sapona Tour at