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Help stimulate scuba diving travel – Pick Your OWN Special from Explorer Ventures

( – The marketing team at Explorer Ventures decided enough is enough – scuba diving is all about travel and this popular live-aboard has introduced a new “stimulus” program that lets divers choose their own special – but only if they “qualify”.

According to Lynn Rodell of Explorer Ventures, “We promote fun and adventure and came up with a program that allows scuba divers to achieve both when they want to book a trip with us.” The concept is simple she says, “Just pick a date you’d like to travel from our list of expeditions. Then, take our ‘diver quiz’ and if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions, you’re entitled to a special rate on your trip.”


The list of Explorer Ventures departures can be found easily at 2010 Explorer Ventures Schedule

The “specials” include up to 25 percent off of the published prices and access to one of the premier live-aboard dive vessels in the dive community. Rodell explains that it is relatively easy for any diver to “qualify” for one of the special rates. She outlined the “questions”:

To qualify a guest must answer YES truthfully to one or more of the following statements:

  • On my last dive, I was able to identify more than 5 different kinds of marine species by Latin name
  • Pictionary has been known to cause stress in my marriage
  • On my last dive, I didn’t even see 5 different marine species
  • I am not married
  • On my last dive, I saw 5 or more marine species and didn’t know and couldn’t care less what their latin names were
  • I have replaced at least 5 light bulbs in my primary residence with CFL’s
  • I have seen more than 5 whale sharks on a single dive
  • What’s a CFL?
  • On most of my dives, I have seen zero whale sharks
  • My local diving options are cold, dark and often include five species of gray fish too boring to have Latin names
  • I commonly recycle.

If you have answered yes to one of the above questions, you qualify for the special rate.  Just pick up the phone and call the Explorer Ventures office at 800-322-3577 to claim your prize.

“It’s fun exploring the underwater world on one of our vessels,” Rodell points out. “We’d also like the entire booking process to be fun and enjoyable also.”


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