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Last Minute Spots Open for TEK WEEK in Grand Cayman

techdivesIf you are a tek diver looking for a great dive get-away, then Tek week may be the answer. From Recreational to technical, Open Circuit to Closed circuit with dive profiles for all, it’s a great all-inclusive week! With crystal clear 100’+ vis, 83 degree waters and unlimited diving, Tek Week allows for a week of exploration on the deep walls and shallow reefs of Grand Cayman and the adventure to go where no one has gone before.

The event runs from August 29 through September 5, 2009 and DiveTech@Cobalt Coast has announce there are a few spots left for this unique and highly different week of diving.

OC Tek divers get a chance to dive with CCR divers and test dive a unit, meet some of the leading experts in the field and participate in evening lectures on topics of interest to Tek or soon-to-be Tek divers. We have a host of sponsors coming to the event to dive, entertain with their knowledge and reward with give-away items and a great raffle too!
Divers Alert Network (DAN) will be joining us, doing field research on divers doing profiles >70m, including Doppler and Ultrasound testing after all dives. We’re looking for test subjects willing to devote a little time to ‘seeing’ and ‘hearing’ their bubbles after a dive. Divetech is a designated field research station for DAN for 2009/2010.
Confirmed Sponsors for 2009 include VR Technologies  (Sentinel, Oroboros, VR3), Silent Diving (Evo, Inspiration), Oceanic Ventures (Training/Travel), DiveRite (O2ptima, FX & Tek gear), rEvo Rebreathers (rEvo CCR), Titan Dive Gear (Titan/Hydro lights), Shearwater Research (Pursuit), Laguna Research (CCR Controllers), Poseidon (MK6 CCR) and NUVAIR (trimix & oxygen analyzers) with more updates to come….
The package includes 7-nights accommodations, tax & service charges, unlimited awesome shore diving, 7-day full meal plan (includes Beach BBQ), round-trip airport transfers, daily boat trip – 2-3 hr runtimes, Stingray City trip, unlimited scrubber (408, 812, Extend Air), unlimited gases  – O2, He, Air and Mix fills
Carrie Lee trip (Normoxic/Trimix divers), Doubles/stage bottles/bailout bottles (DIN) and a DVD/CD of Tek Week.
1 888 946-5656 Toll free for information or reservations

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