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Scuba Diving Travel Tips: Five tips to consider when booking your next trip

Dive travel is a little bit different than non-dive travel, obviously in the fact that there is the diving element but also from a packing stand point.  Following are five tips to consider when planning your next dive trip.

Pick a destination. Choosing a destination may sound easy but you should consider not only a place you want to go but also the level and quality of the diving.  For example the Galapagos Islands are a popular destination and the diving there is amazing.  However, the best was to dive there is by live aboard dive boat and the diving can be challenging depending on the currents and surface conditions.  So you should think about weather or not you want to be on a live aboard for a week or more and weather your diving skills are such that you can handle potentially more challenging conditions.

Live aboards are a great way to plan a dive trip.  You have everything you need with-in steps of your dive site.  The service is usually stellar and the access to dive sites is unmatched.  You will have typically smaller accommodations and there will be fewer opportunities for land based activities such as hiking, shopping, and spa services.  For the diver looking to do the most dives for their diving dollar a live aboard is hard to beat.

You should also consider the remoteness of the destination.  Things like access to major airports, availability of medical care in case of an emergency, communication to the outside world and quality of food and water.

Choose the time of year you want to travel. In some cases you may not have a choice due to work obligations or school schedules.  If there is a choice you should consider the best time to go from the standpoint of weather and diving conditions.  You might also consider special events such as holidays.  Holidays are typically going to be the busiest time at most resorts and potentially the most expensive.  However, it is nice to be someplace tropical to celebrate a holiday and you may get additional vacation days during that time.

Decide on a budget. How much you are able to spend on a trip significantly impacts the destination.  Also, each destination will have packages and accommodations from basic to luxury.  Being realistic about what you want and what you want to spend will help manage your expectations of the trip.

Prepare in advance for the diving. It is always a good idea to schedule a refresher class and schedule to have your gear serviced prior to a trip.  Getting in a pool ahead of time will help you make sure your first dive on your vacations is a pleasant one.  Making sure that your gear is in good working order will give you more confidence and therefore more enjoyment on the dives.  Your local dive retailer can help you with any and all needs prior to a trip.

Choose a dive travel specialist to help you plan and book your trip. You won’t pay anymore than if you booked it yourself and you are dealing with one person for all aspects of the trip instead of many.  A dive travel professional knows the best places to go and the best times to go there.  They are familiar with all of the resorts and dive operators and can recommend a good one that they have a relationship with.  They can shop for the best prices on airfare as well as dive packages.  They will also provide suggestions and recommendation that you might have to spend hours researching on your own.  They may also be able to offer you group trips to choose from where everything is already put together and all you have to do is show up!

A little pre-planning can save you allot of aggravation and help you get exactly what you want out of you dive vacation.

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