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Scuba Cowboy, Rogest join Utila Dive Festival Lineup

(DiverWire) The Utila Dive Festival now has a bigger and better event schedule with amazing daily scuba themes, specialized activities from the islands dive operators, and topside entertainment with artists Rogest and the Scuba Cowboy, and social events and activities making this June a highlight for every scuba divers calendar in the Caribbean Bay Islands.

The highlights of this year’s festival include a return of the musician Pup Morse AKA ‘Scuba Cowboy’ who will be entertaining the crowds live music featuring a blend of country, tropical rock and scuba music, and keeping the fun from the days scuba events spilling over into the night with several weekly performances and wrapping up at the closing ceremony.

Also new to the week’s events is world famous scuba artist Rogest, who last year was booked with the Aggressor fleet, but this year will be entertaining attendees at the Utila Dive Festival, with scuba and aquatic related art workshops schedule during the week.  This is a special and unique opportunity to attend a painting class with Rogest, take home your own artwork and canvas, paint on a collaborative canvas that will be auctioned at the closing ceremony with all profits donated to a local cause, and to help support local school children who will be given a unique class from Rogest in painting.

The week-long event will start at the beach opening ceremony with an outline of the week’s competitions, and specialized activities available for divers to participate in also non-diving events hosted during the week and social events in the evenings.  All dive centers and resorts will participate in offering buoyancy workshops, deep dives, night dives, photo competition, fish ID dives, and a Project Aware clean-up event.  There will also be specialized diving activities offered in technical diving and rebreather try dives, a scavenger hunt, free/apnea diving and ecology presentations from the REEF group.  Several times throughout the week, there will be evening social events, where divers from all centers and resorts can meet and socialize together.  There will also be non-diving fun events throughout the week possibly including stand-up paddle boarding, food fairs and other games/competitions, with a Guinness world record planned for the week.  Prizes will be given out during the week and at the closing of the event, with a closing ceremony and beach BBQ.

The Utila Dive Festival is being supported and sponsored by PADI, REEF, ScubaPro, CressiSub, Aqualung, DiveRite, Sealife, GoPro Cameras, ScubaBoard, ScubaDiverLife and DiveNewsWire.  So make sure you get down to Utila with entertainment, education and equipment up for grabs, on this scuba divers mecca in the Caribbean, singles, couples, groups, families and clubs are going to have the time of their lives, both above and below the water.

There are also some amazing special offers and package deals offered by the Utila Dive Operators and please see the website or e-mail for more information on special deals and the week’s events, and to register your place early and get special savings this June 22nd to 28th 2013.