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Peter Hughes Diving Changes Its Name To Dancer Fleet

For almost 20 years, Peter Hughes Diving, Inc. operated the worldwide group of luxury liveaboard yachts known as the “Dancer Fleet”.  This month the company has announced it is formally changing the name to “Dancer Fleet, Inc.” Along with the name change is a rebranding of the entire organization that incorporates the new name and logo.

According to CEO Wayne Brown, “Our company has been an innovative and driving force in this industry for decades and throughout that time participated in the operation of both land based and liveaboard diving.  As time passed the company became very focused on delivering ‘Liveaboard Excellence’ to all of our guests. With our name change today we are rededicating ourselves to the liveaboard concept, ensuring our guests’ safety while transforming ourselves into a single brand that will be recognizable to our existing guests while clearly telling new guests exactly who we are and what we do.”

The name change coincides with a complete rebranding of the company.  According to Wayne Hasson, President of the Dancer Fleet, “The Dancer Fleet has strived to deliver ‘Liveaboard Excellence’ on every cruise.  We want our guests to know that liveaboard diving is the ONLY thing that we do and our goal is to offer a consistent experience for our guests in every destination that we feature.”   Wayne Hasson and Wayne Brown are both avid scuba divers and underwater photographers who are as passionate about their business topside as they are with their underwater activities.  Both regularly travel on Dancer Fleet yachts ensuring that the standard of “Liveaboard Excellence” is met.

More details can be found at The Dancer Fleet reservation staff remains in place and all emails are now based on the new domain.  The fan page has now changed to Dancer Fleet as well. Guests can still reach the Dancer Fleet by phone by calling 800-9-DANCER that is 800-932-6237.


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