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PADI Women’s Dive Day

PADI Women’s Dive Day is an event taking place on July 20, 2019. This will be its 5th annual event.  It is aimed to welcome women of all ages into the inclusive world of diving, as well as to celebrate women’s contribution to diving. It is the largest day of organized diving in the world, and last year it had over 850 events worldwide.

The event‘s goal is to create a new generation of women divers, as well as to continue the careers of current divers. Across the world, the event serves as a day of celebration, learning, charity, and inclusivity. The end result is the empowerment of women divers of all ages from many different countries.

Because of the diversity of each event, different goals can be accomplished in each respective location. Scuba certification, education about diving, education about sustainable seafood consumption, and breaking world the record for “Longest Underwater Female Human Chain”, are just a few examples of what some of the events accomplished last year. Countless other experiences and memories were created on top of this.

Again this year, will be hosting a guided dive at beautiful Casino Point on Catalina Island. After the dive, we will grab lunch together at gorgeous Descanso Beach (a separate expense) We will be taking photos of the day that we will share with participants. To sign up and secure your spot please visit; BOOK NOW