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Just What is An “Organic” Scuba Diving Trip?

Janine Davis of Diversitea has planned a special dive trip that’s she’s calling an “Organic Dive Trip”. We spoke with her about this unique opportunity. Those of us who have been diving for a while are looking for ways to continue to do what we love, which entails finding ways to stay fit, as we get older.  As our planet becomes more and more polluted, it is difficult, even on holiday in exotic locations, to get away from the commercialism and ubiquitous fast food lifestyle we are so accustomed to.  Well, here is your chance to do just that!

These trips are MORE than just a Dive trip, also incorporating a Spa Vacation and a chance to rejuvenate in the healing sea.  This is also a great trip for those who do not dive, but wish to relax and “get away from it all” – and those divers who have non-diving partners. For the non-divers, we have arranged a 2 location morning snorkel trip on the same boat as the divers, which offers us divers the chance to share some of the wonder of our underwater world with our Bubble Watcher friends!  Be a part of the Crystal Dolphin Project to heal our planet using Crystals and Light – Our goal is to intimately connect you with healing Ocean energy.  You will have the opportunity to place crystals in the ocean to help heal the reefs and the world.

Check out all the details here: Divesitea 2010 Organic Dive Trip

This year’s destination is Grenada and our hosts will be Aquanauts Grenada

Our guests are invited to morning Yoga classes, specially designed for divers, and suitable for all levels of skill, so they can stretch and limber up for their day.  After yoga, an enormous breakfast buffet, including Belgian Waffles, with Nutmeg syrup, freshly baked goods, and featuring Organic Vitamineral Green and fresh local Fruit Smoothies are offered.  

During the Surface Interval, Organic Handmade Raw Crunch Bars will be offered.  Free Nitrox is included for those who are Nitrox Certified.

True Blue Bay Resort has all the amenities needed for a wonderful relaxing vacation.  There are two swimming pools, free Hobie Cats, and Kayaks, a nice, clean white sand beach in front of the Villas.  A modern grocery store is a one dollar “Local Bus” ride down the road.  They sell many organic items – as well as fresh local goods.  All rooms have fully equipped kitchens, so cooking great fresh meals is easy!  Thursday the Chef at True Blue Bay offers a free “Local Ingredients Cooking Class” and we have been offered the unique opportunity of a private tour of The Organic Chocolate Factory (closed to the public) as a special treat.

Diversitea has always been committed to promoting healthy diving practices, and finding products that promote optimum health and relaxation, for those of us who love to dive.  Taking care of our bodies is really the ultimate in caring for our “life support system”!

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