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Planning a scuba trip to Bonaire? This new site is for you!

NetTech, N.V. is pleased to announce the expansion of the popular InfoBonaire® web site, the Bonaire Information Site™, with new destination information for Bonaire visitors to assist with planning their vacations. was launched in 1997, and over the last 13 years has become well known as the definitive source for information about Bonaire as a destination, offering information about accommodations, restaurants, rental vehicles, diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, and more.As new services become available on the island, keeps the site fresh and timely with daily updates.

Accordingly, several new topics have been added to InfoBonaire’s wide scope of data.Many visitors plan their vacations to Bonaire for diving, snorkeling, or windsurfing activities, but there’s a plethora of other activities to enjoy, too.Visitors may now learn more about horseback-riding by visiting, or kiteboarding, by visiting of these activities offer exciting options for the traveler or family and friends.

Shopping is always a necessity while on vacation, whether it’s to purchase one’s own souvenirs or for those back home.Visiting offers a glimpse at special options for gift-giving, highlightingsouvenirs which are made only with products from Bonaire or are about the island itself.The Art and Handicrafts page, located at, focuses upon where fine art and other local handicrafts can be found around the island, either for purchase or viewing, as artwork always provides a way to remember a favorite site or moment of a vacation.And for those who want to be sure they’re in the height of fashion, even while on the beach, the Surf-wear Shopping page at offers a variety of options and tips.

As nearly all stay-over visitors utilize Bonaire’s airport, the new Airport page informs about the various services available at the island’s Flamingo Airport.Visit for additional information.

Those not arriving by air usually enter for a day in port while on a cruise to the southern Caribbean, and the new Cruise Passenger Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page will answer many questions for those island visitors who must maximize their enjoyment of what Bonaire has to offer. This page can be viewed by clicking

Nearly all stay-over visitors rent a vehicle so they are mobile and can enjoy dining at different restaurants , visiting various dive or snorkel sites, or traveling through the island’s northern national park.Although driving on Bonaire is very easy, the new Traffic page at provides information about signage and right-of-way for those driving.

Since the invasive Pacific lionfish entered Bonaire’s waters, many visiting divers want to know what they can do to help with containment.These divers can visit the new Lionfish page located at for more information and tips about this new species.

Viewers may easily access any of these new sections of InfoBonaire directly from menus on the home page and other key parts ofthe InfoBonaire web site.

“When we first launched InfoBonaire over a dozen years ago, our premise was simple — provide all possible information about Bonaire in a simple, friendly manner, and continually update the site to keep it current. Our efforts obviously have been rewarded because InfoBonaire has been, and remains, the top Bonaire web site in Google and many other key search engines,” said Jake Richter, founder and co-managing director of NetTech N.V.He added, “This latest expansion continues our effort at keeping our content current, fresh, and most importantly, relevant, focusing on the real information visitors need.”

InfoBonaire is also the host of One-Stop Quotes™, which allows potential Bonaire visitors to easily check rates and availability for select accommodations and car rental companies with one simple online request, which is then transmitted automatically via an email to those local companies which the viewer selected.Since its inception in 2006, One -Stop-Quotes has provided thousands of quotations and availability checks.For additional information or to request a quote, visit

NetTech N.V. is Bonaire’s largest and most well known Internet hosting and email company providing all levels of Internet marketing, design, specialized programming, and graphic services.The company provides the popular web sites InfoBonaire (, The Bonaire Insider™ (, Bonaire Surveys™ (, and Paradise Rebates™ ( For additional information, visit

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