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New Kittiwake Wreck open to divers and snorkelers in Grand Cayman

(DiverWire) There’s a new attraction for SCUBA divers traveling to Grand Cayman – the Kittiwake wreck. The former US military vessel was sunk with great fanfare last week in Grand Cayman.

According to local officials, the sinking went just perfectly with the wreck landing upright in 60 feet of water. Nancy Easterbrook of DiveTech Grand Cayman, said “I jumped in the water as soon as she was under, and sure enough, she was sitting upright and exactly where she was supposed to be; A perfect beginning.”

According to Easterbrook, the sinking was the culmination of more than eight years of hard work, planning, fund-raising and preparation. The new site has already started to attract marine life including stingrays, barracudas and schooling fish.

The site is now open to SCUBA divers and snorkelers. The Kittiwake ship wreck is a private park and attraction that is managed by the Cayman Islands Tourism Association. All visitors to the Kittiwake ship wreck are required to pay an entry fee which ranges from $5 for snorkelers per day to $10 per scuba diver per day. Divers can also purchase an annual pass for $31.25

The sinking attracted international media attention including coverage by CNN, CBS, NBC, and national wire services including the Examiner.

“I’m excited that the foreign media has taken such great interest in this historic event, said Shomari Scott, Director (Acting) of the Department of Tourism. He added that, “the sinking of the Kittiwake has been much anticipated and further enhances our world renowned dive product in the Cayman Islands by adding an even greater diversity to the fascinating sites we currently have. Sharing this with the rest of the world is now our main focus and we are delighted that bookings from divers wanting to be among the first to dive her are already pouring in.”

Watch video of the sinking by clicking here: Kittiwake Sinking Video

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