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New itineraries for Galapago Aggressors I and II

(DiverWire) The Galapagos Aggressors I & II vessels have announced a new Galapagos Islands itinerary. This now includes Wolf and Darwin Islands, Baltra, Punta Carrion, Bartolome, Cabo Marshall and a brand new addition to our itinerary, Cabo Douglas where you will have the opportunity to interact with marine iguanas as they feed in the water.

Effective February 1, 2013 the Galapagos Aggressor I & II permit changes include:

  • More dives; 4 per day including Wolf & Darwin Islands
  • Night dives offered
  • Land hike mid-trip on Bartolome

Whale Shark Season from June to December has never looked better. We have opened up new space on the Galapagos Aggressor II, as we have extended the vessel’s permit through the end of September 2013 – that’s right through the heart of the whale shark season.

So now really is the best time to visit the Galapagos Islands aboard one of our two luxury liveaboard yachts where our nine experienced crew members will show you the true treasures of the world, both topside and underwater, while pampering you throughout your weekly adventure.

Dive with hundreds of scalloped hammerheads, swim beside giant whale sharks, get up close and personal with Pacific Mola Mola, watch a squadron of eagle rays pass by in perfect formation, swim amongst the entertaining sea lions, check out the red-lipped batfish, colorful seahorses and horn sharks, and watch the wonders of land creatures such as the blue footed booby birds, brightly colored sally lightfoot crabs and awe-inspiring marine iguanas all under the guidance of our attentive crew and licensed naturalist.

As the longest operating and largest organization of liveaboard adventure cruises in the world, the combined knowledge, resources, experience, and technical expertise of Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet are all focused on delivering a safe adventure you will remember for a lifetime on each and every cruise.

Visit and for specific yacht and destination information. Email: or call 1-800-348-2628 or 1-706-993-2531 for your booking today.