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Manta and Eagle Rays “Spotted” in Bonaire

BonaireEastCoastDivingIn the last couple of months, staff from Bonaire East Coast Diving and their guests have spotted an unusual amount of manta rays and eagle rays on Bonaire. While eagle rays are believed to live solitary lives, groups of 20 are not uncommon. And this year there have already been nine manta ray sightings.

To take advantage of these encounters, Bonaire East Coast Diving has increased the number of dive sites on the East Coast to five. Besides Funchie’s Reef and the White Hole, they are also organizing trips to Black Rock, Spelonk and Ramon’s Reef. Captain Whiskers and his team are always looking for new dive locations on the beautiful East Coast of Bonaire. The diving is spectacular: on each dive the divers see numerous turtles, tarpon, eagle rays and stingrays, and also sharks and manta rays on many occasions. The impressive corals have not been disturbed by storms or waves.
In the past, people talked about ‘the wild side’. Bonaire East Coast Diving’s aim is to make the North and East Coast of Bonaire accessible to every diver. The custom-built Zodiak boat and the professional crew can make that possible.

Summer special
Starting July 1st, a new video service was developed by Bonaire East Coast Diving in cooperation with Fish-Eye Photo, offering custom-made videos.  Underwater videographer Michael LaFortune will meet the crew and customers at the Sorobon dock for departure. This summer’s special is a 2-tank dive custom video shoot for 2 to 8 people for only US $ 135.  The custom video shoot will be issued on DVD, edited with transitions, music and also includes the ‘Diving Bonaire’ introduction video clip. This offer is valid untill October 1st, 2009. A minimum of 24 hour advanced reservation is required for a video shoot.

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