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LaTina Divers Bonaire Unveils new Personal Dive Consultant Program

(DiverWire) LaTina Divers Bonaire has launched a novel new program – personal dive consultants.  This program, which offers Private Dive Service Providers (PDSPers), gives visiting divers and snorkelers the opportunity to utilize the specialized services of any or all of the dive pros available through the program.

This new program allows for the customization of dive services on Bonaire specifically for those who are not staying at a resort, but instead at a private home, villa, apartment, or other small resort without diving facilities.  The preferred PDSPer can provide as much assistance as desired, or simply provide tanks, rental equipment, or other services delivered right to the vacation residence.  The focus of this new manner of providing quality dive services is specifically geared to families, couples, or small groups.

The core group of Private Dive Service Providers offer a wide range of experience, specialization, and unique experiences, such as fish identification and behavior, photography or videography, buoyancy control, or even extra assistance for those who haven’t been diving in awhile.

LaTina Divers has just launched a new web site focusing upon their PDSPers, as well as other facets that are necessary for a fun-filled Bonaire vacation.  Visit to view the profiles and offerings of each of the dive pros, as well as Stay & Dive Packages, suggestions on accommodations, rental car companies, restaurants, and other activities such as kayaking, snorkeling, free-diving, caving, hiking, or mountain-biking.  Visitors even can be put in touch with the island’s private chef or a wedding planner to make sure that a family event is one to be remembered.

As a full service dive operator, LaTina Divers also offers a full line of equipment sales for both SCUBA or snorkeling, carrying the most popular brands of Tusa, Suunto, Cressi-sub, Bare, and Princeton Tek.  In some cases, purchasing equipment on Bonaire can be the most economical plan, and LaTina Divers always welcomes inquiries into size, models, and availability prior to an arrival on island, to ensure against disappointment.

In additional to its new Personal Dive Consultant service, LaTina Divers offers the usual array of Bonaire diving services, including boat dives, shore diving, and Nitrox.  Regularly scheduled activities are planned, such as lionfish hunts with beach barbecues, Klein Bonaire snorkel races, and other active and fun events.  LaTina Divers invites you to bookmark their web site at and check back often for their latest news.

For additional information, contact:

LaTina Divers

Santa Barbara, Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean



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