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It’s OK to travel during hurricane season…..

(DiverWire) Caribbean travelers have always had to worry about scheduling a trip during hurricane season. For scuba divers, it can be expensive when a storm alters or causes a trip to be cancelled. This week, the Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet of live-aboard dive vessels announced their “StormCheck” program to give dive travelers peace of mind when booking a trip during hurricane season.

This program compensates guests who lose days of scuba diving on charters as a result of a named meteorological disturbance. Any guest whose diving is interrupted as a result of a named storm will receive a credit voucher based on the number of days of diving missed in the form of a “StormCheck”. Specific details about each Fleet’s policy can be found at Aggressor Fleet Storm Check and Dancer Fleet Storm Check.

According to the company’s President, Wayne Hasson, “Visiting the Caribbean from June to November allows divers to encounter some of the best overall conditions with warm clear waters and calm seas. However, at the same time, these are also the months where tropical disturbances can occur.  The same applies to the Pacific Ocean storm season and our destinations there as well.  “StormCheck” helps guests relax and focus on the fun and excitement of their upcoming cruise.”

All of the yachts in both fleets have comprehensive storm plans. Before the start of the storm season, yachts train and test all crewmembers’ skill and knowledge of storm procedures using mock demonstrations to prepare them for the real thing. All Aggressor Fleet and Dancer Fleet yachts are required to monitor their official government weather services daily and to keep appraised of current information. If weather forecasts or conditions appear threatening to the safety of the passengers and crew, the captain will make necessary arrangements to evacuate guests. The captain will order and arrange for guests to be removed from the yacht, accompanied by a crewmember and taken to an inland resort/hotel or government approved shelter. The yacht will be moved to a sheltered harbor away from the storm’s predicted path, prepared and secured by the remaining crew.

Dancer Fleet and Aggressor Fleet are two unique brands owned by the same parent company that have been exploring the world since 1984.  With a combined 19 yachts and 22 destinations, they are the largest organization of liveaboard adventure cruises in the world. Their combined knowledge, resources, experience, and technical expertise are all focused on delivering a safe adventure you will remember for a lifetime on each and every cruise.

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