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Insel Air offers another option to Bonaire

(DiverWire) There is this tiny island in the Caribbean where it seems underwater time stands still. Thanks to the bon air, the clear pollution free skies and it’s people’s deep respect for the sea, the waters surrounding this Dutch island are one of the most well loved dive grounds in the world.

Bonaire is inviting you, and national carrier InselAir is proud to take you there.

InselAir is the Pan American airline with over 16 destinations amongst which Miami Fl. and Charlotte N.C. From these two US hubs getting to Bonaire is easy and convenient. Based on Curacao, InselAir understands the needs and wants of scuba diving tourists like no other airline.

It is our pleasure to transport your diving gear and that’s why we offer 10kg extra weight completely for free.

Dive trips to Bonaire are inspiring and very relaxing. The island offers the most breath taking deep-sea sceneries. Bonaire is the world’s first protected underwater resort and facilities on the island are outstanding. With many dive resorts to choose from, planning your next scuba trip is as much fun as actually being there. So why not go with a group of fellow scuba lovers?

InselAir has a spectacular offer for groups: 15 = 16. The 16th person in the group receives his or her ticket completely for free. Making it even more attractive to pack your tank, goggles and regulator and just hop on board on of our InselAir flights to Bonaire!

When you dive deeper, InselAir reaches higher! For more details, visit the website: