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Diver on the Vandenberg

Dive 9 wrecks in 5 days with Florida Keys Wreck Trek Challenge

(DiverWire) – Scuba divers with a passion for wrecks should take notice of the Florida Keys Wreck Trek Challenge. This first-ever event takes place June 11 through June 17 and includes stops in both Key Largo and Key West and diving with two different operators.Diver on the Vandenberg

According to Gary Mace of Conch Republic Divers, “This event is unique because its the first time we’ve incorporated diving the iconic wrecks of Key Largo (the Spiegel Grove, Duane and Eagle) together with wrecks in Key West (the Vandenberg, Thunderbolt and Adolphus Bush).”

Divers will arrive in Miami and be shuttled to Key Largo where they will stay for two days and dive with Conch Republic Divers. Then, the group will be shuttled to Key West to board the MV Spree live-aboard vessel for three days of exceptional wreck diving on one of the premier vessels in the area. All meals and nitrox are included for divers while on board the MV Spree.

“There are a limited number of spots for this program, but its an event that avid wreck divers will not want to miss,” Mace said. He adds that depending on conditions, divers can expect to log up to 16 dives during the week.

For more details, click here: Florida Keys Wreck Trek Challenge


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