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Discover Honduras – Reefs, Ruins, Rainforests and Relaxation!

(DiverWire) If you are planning to visit Honduras on your next vacation or dive trip be sure to take advantage of what this amazing country has to offer. There is something for everyone from ancient ruins and lush jungles to the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere.

Exploration. Relaxation. Adventure. It’s all here. Explore the ancient wonders of Copan, what some call the Paris of ancient Maya cities. Fly hundreds of feet above the rainforest on a zip line through dense canopy. Or spend time in the Bay Islands, catching your breath in a place that is forever taking it away with its breathtaking sunsets, white sand and barrier reef. Test your nerve in La Ceiba against the raging Rio Cangrejal, a magnificent river with harrowing rapids that wind through dense jungle. There is a litany of things to see and do here, and a lifetime of memories to be made.

The Bay Islands of Honduras are recognized amongst divers as a must see area mainly due to it’s diverse diving terrain and whale shark sightings.  Yet it is little known by North American travelers that just a jump South of well known Belize, the International Airports of the Island of Roatan or the mainland city of San Pedro Sula are a mere two to three hour direct flight from NYC/New Jersey, Miami, Houston and Atlanta amongst others.

Recently direct flights have been created from San Pedro to the islands on Saturdays and private charters are always available from Roatan to the smallest of the islands called Utila or Whale Shark Island.  There is also a new sailing service beginning in mid-February called Brisas Charters that takes a leisurely three hours and if you’re lucky you might spot a whale shark, pilot whales or dolphins!

Diverse terrain and climates cover this small country known as the heart of Central America. Bathed by both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea, covered with tall mountains and tropical jungle and surrounded by magnificent barrier reef, Honduras and The Bay Islands is definitely a small jewel waiting to be discovered by adventurous travelers and ocean lovers.

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