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Schedule for Delta Airlines flight to Bonaire Changes

Bonaire Delta FlightIf you are planning a trip to Bonaire in the near future, you may want to know about these changes to flight schedules to the island.

It has just been announced that the planned new Delta flight to Bonaire on Fridays, scheduled to begin in October, 2009, was not booking well, and so Delta has made some changes to their Bonaire flight schedule to encourage additional bookings.

Instead of the departing flight from Atlanta on Friday evening, with a return flight departing Bonaire on Saturday, Delta will instead operate a round-trip rotation on Sunday, with the same time schedule as the popular Saturday flight. The Friday night flight has been canceled. Effective Saturday, July 11, a Sunday rotation will be added to the schedule.

The changes have not been made to the schedule yet.  The inventory has been removed for the flights that are to be canceled, but the flights still show up in a schedule display.  The schedules will be updated with these changes this Saturday, July 11th.

Additionally, the resumption of the seasonal JFK-BON flight is now scheduled for December 19th.

Delta also plans to upgrade the equipment on the Saturday ATL-BON flights between November 7 and 21, 2009 to a 767, which can handle additional passengers from the JFK and the Friday Atlanta flights.

Those passengers holding reservations on the Delta Friday flight from Atlanta are encouraged to contact Delta starting this Sunday to re-book new flights with the revised schedule.  (Source:  TCB-NY)


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