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Astronaut Buzz Aldrin goes from Dancing With the Stars to scuba diving with sharks in the Bahamas

Last month, Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin was a featured participant in the popular ABC series Dancing With the Stars. Earlier this month, Aldrin traded in his dancing shoes for scuba fins as he and fellow astronaut Scott Carpenter traveled to Nassau in the Bahamas for a special scuba diving event.

Both Aldrin and Carpenter are part of the Sea-Space Symposium, a group of prominent scientists and public figures dedicated to scientific research and the protection of the sea and space. Aldrin actually did an underwater “signing” of the charter dedication under the waters near Nassau. Surrounded by Caribbean Reef Sharks and other scuba divers, Aldrin was one of many original Sea-Space participants on hand to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first gathering.

According to local scuba operator Stuart Cove, Aldrin’s participation in the event and with the group is meaningful because he brings a unique perspective having walked on the moon, traveled in space and enjoyed the spectacular experience of also being an underwater explorer.

One side benefit, as a certified scuba diver for many years, Aldrin need not have been worried – his dives were NOT being scored by judges.


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