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Are you up for the GREEN SHORTS Challenge on Grand Cayman?

(DiverWire) Do you have your Green Shorts?  If you’ve traveled to the East End of Grand Cayman, you may be on your way to receiving the prestigious pair.  Just like the Green Jacket in Golfing or the Yellow Jersey for the Tour De France winners, Ocean Frontiers Resort has challenged divers to complete all 55 dives located on the island’s East End.

The owner, Stephen Broadbelt came up with the concept two years ago and to date, 115 divers have completed the challenge.  In addition to receiving the shorts, a trophy is presented as well as a bronze medallion placed on Ocean Frontier’s Walk of Fame. And, we can’t forget the celebration with cake and libations!!

The 55 Green Short Challenge is designed to be tracked in several ways.  The shop provides both a wonderful logbook, listing each dive site in colorful detail, as well as a waterproof punchcard.  And, if you dive with Ocean Frontiers, a computerized record of the dives with them is kept as well.  If you happened to have explored dive sites in the challenge with another operator, credit can be received for that dive.  Simply bring in your logbook, verifying the dive and you receive verification for that site.  (However, please be aware that Ocean Frontiers will only keep records of the dives with them.)

When you start the day of diving, the sites are decided at that time, of course conditions are considered.  Captain and Instructor Matt Russell explained that sites needed for the challenge are priority for the guests and are always taken into consideration.  The staff onboard the dive boat are thorough, informative and entertaining. Each dive briefing included the dive mapped on a whiteboard that is also found in the custom logbook.

This Challenge is a creative, motivational way to see all the amazing sites of the East End. So start thinking Green, head down to the island, and check in with Ocean Frontiers to get started!  For more information, go to 55 Green Short Challenge