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Chamber Day 2018

Annual Chamber Day 2018

Catalina Island is one of the top diving destinations in the world where more than a million dives are conducted each year. The location is ideal for a hyperbaric treatment facility devoted to divers. The chamber is available to treat injured divers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber needs additional sources of revenue to help Scuba divers. Divers are fortunate to have this facility available and towards that end, the chamber holds Chamber Day every year on the first Wednesday in May.

Scuba diving is an amazingly safe sport – until it isn’t. But we are all human and sometimes we make mistakes. A study has shown that 69% of diving accidents are caused by diver error.

2018 marks the Chamber’s 44th year of unbending scuba divers in the Southern California community. Since 1974, scuba divers have relied on the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber to bail us out when things go wrong.

For a Donation of only $110 you receive 2 dives at Catalina Island, tour the USC Catalina Hyperbaric Chamber, a commemorative Chamber Day 2018 T-shirt, 5 Raffle tickets, an opportunity to talk to Local Search and Rescue Personnel. Plus a $30 food and air charge.

There is also the Chamber Challenge, which challenges the community to raise extra funds for the chamber. The concept is simple: you make a donation and then challenge your friends to do the same. The local Southern California boats generously donate their time and services. Dive shops and manufacturers donate money and gear for raffle prizes. has proudly donated several thousand dollars to the chamber as well as scuba gear and certification classes. In addition, there are also hundreds of volunteers who donate their time for the day to day upkeep of the facility and conducting the annual event.

All proceeds go directly to the Chamber. Your contributions are appreciated and help keep the chamber operating throughout the year.