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The World’s First Underwater Photography and Freediving Course!

freediving poolFreediving is making a big splash in the diving world and is appealing to the new generation of divers who desire an extreme sport accessible to all. and Ocean Optics in the UK have announced an amazing new course for people interested in both Underwater Photography and freediving.

Freediving, the sport of diving to depth whilst holding your breath, is unlike its big brother Scuba diving. Freediving is attracting a far wider crowd of new generation divers, including many scuba divers, looking for new challenges and more of a connection with the underwater world.

Underwater Photography is a challenging and extremely rewarding discipline of photography.  The common problem of your lens subjects being scared away by bubbles means that freedivers are more likely to get good shots of underwater life as without blowing bubbles, fish aren’t scared away and come and check you out! In addition freediving allows the photographer to spend hours diving all day without needing to worry about recharging cylinders.

The two day certification course takes place at the stunning 30m Submarine Escape Training Tank (S.E.T.T) in Gosport (UK), where you can dive in 34 Celsius / 94 Fahrenheit warm water all day!

Over the weekend there are two Freediving and two Photography theory sessions.  This is mixed with four tank practical sessions where you can put what you have learnt into practice. London based Ocean Optics will be bringing down all the latest equipment for students to try out.  Students are expected to get their hands on with the best gear as well as find out how to turn even the smallest underwater camera into a masterpiece creator!

There are no minimum performance requirements for entry onto the course and it is perfect for those new to underwater photography as well as those with plenty of experience as the experienced instructors will tailor make what they teach to your level.

Tuition, all equipment, manuals, certification, delicious lunch and dinner are included and spaces are limited to 10 participants. There is only one date scheduled for 2009 so early booking is essential.

As a taste for what to expect on a freediving course you can see a short trailer on YouTube by going to :

Date                9/10 May 2009

Location          SETT, Fort Blockhouse, Gosport, UK

Price                £424.00 (GBP)

More details available at:

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