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SSI partners with Poseidon for recreational rebreather course

(DiverWire) Scuba Schools International (SSI) has just announced a new partnership with the Poseidon equipment company for an entry level rebreather course for scuba divers wanting to use the Poseidon Discovery Rebreather.

According to a news release, SSI is set to pre-release teaching options and opportunities for new students, and hands-on training and diving with the Poseidon Discovery rebreather. The course provides opportunities for scuba divers wanting to expand their knowledge and certification level to a technical level.

The Poseidon Discovery is the world’s first rebreather for recreational divers.  It’s a fully-closed, fully-automated unit that allows divers to experience the sport in a different light. Each dive is fully managed by onboard computers, with two continuously recalibrating sensors constantly monitoring oxygen levels, and dive information recorded in the removable battery module. The hand-held computer displays depth, cylinder pressure, and oxygen concentration. Light, safe and simple to use, the Discovery is designed not only for seasoned divers, but for those who are new to the experience. With so much less to do, you’re free to concentrate on the dive itself. And with no bubbles to frighten the sea life, it’s a dive you’ll enjoy more than ever.  And…at 17.6 lbs., the Discovery makes it easy to travel with.

Jeff McNutt, Dive BVI General Manager, “I think that SSI’s forward thinking and the new Discovery rebreather are the perfect fit for the recreational diver.” Officials from SSI and Poseidon recently conducted a training session in the British Virgin Islands to allow the partnership to get started in the right direction.

“Poseidon is delighted that SSI will introduce an entry level certification for the Mark VI,” says James Roberton, Poseidon Executive Vice President. “Being able to introduce entry-level divers to the rebreather revolution is testimony both to Poseidon’s advanced technology and to SSI for seeing the way of the future so clearly.  Dive BVI was the perfect host for the first Poseidon/SSI Instructor Training program!”

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