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SSI’s Online System Provides Amazing Tools for Divers

SSI OdinScuba Schools International (SSI), the premier scuba education and business support company is proud to inform SSI  Divers about the unlimited possibilities available through the SSI Online Diver Information Network (ODiN).

ODiN is SSI’s Website, Online Training Portal and worldwide database system. This means that no matter where you live or dive in the world, as long as there is an Internet connection you will have access to  information  loaded in ODiN.

Since traveling to warm-water destinations is a big part of the diver experience, SSI’s ODiN allows a diver to be proactive and prepared for things, such as losing a certification card or other documentation.  The most recent additions to ODiN provide divers  with the ability to store important information in an online database that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Recent Additions to ODiN:
Divers — myDocuments: This area stores the various documents you may need to access while traveling.  Documents such as signed medicals, CPR & First Aid certificate, a copy of an international driving license and anything else needed on a trip that has the potential for getting lost or damaged.

Divers — myC-cards:  This area stores a complete record of your certifications.  If a c-card is lost, simply login and print out a copy of your qualifications.

Divers — myPictures: Store your favorite pictures and share them with other divers and your SSI Dive Center or Resort.

Above are just some of the great tools currently available on ODiN. New items are being added daily so make sure to visit the site often!

“The idea behind ODiN is to create a new generation online system that integrates training material, training records, diver tracking, marketing and e-communication via the World Wide Web,” stated Doug McNeese, SSI President & CEO.           

Visit today to see everything that is available.

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